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Training Location:

High Point PD Training Center

6011 Riverdale Rd. High Point, NC

Gear and ammunition can be sent to:

Esoteric, LLC. 
ATTN: Your Name

1589 Skeet Club Rd. Suite 102-154

High Point, NC 27265

Into to Hostage Rescue Registration Info

You have been registered in the Intro To Hostage Rescue Course held in High Point, NC, Nov 21st to the 23rd, 2020.  Please see course description, gear requirements  and course schedule below.

This three-day course is designed to expose tactical law enforcement officers to tactics, techniques, and procedures that are employed when dealing with hostage rescue (HR).  The course is a fast-paced course, and students are expected to hit the ground running.

Teams that have explosive breaching capabilities are encouraged to come to the class ready to use said capabilities.  Teams that do not have access to explosive breaching will be exposed to it through the instructor cadre. 

Principals of CQB as it pertains to HR operations
Emergency assault
Deliberate assault
Dealing with hostages and hostage takers
Covert entry under NVG
Use of distraction devices
Breaching in HR operations (Mechanical, ballistic, and explosive)
Planning considerations
Multi-team/Multi-entry points
Technical equipment (cameras and listening devices)

Handgun with three magazines and a light source
Handgun holster and magazine pouches
Carbine with three magazines, light source, and sling
200 rounds of standard handgun ammunition
300 rounds of standard carbine ammunition
350 Rifle Simunition and sims bolt
100 Handgun Simunition and sims handgun
Sims protective gear if available
Three distraction devices
Breaching tools
Body armor and full call out kit to include helmet
Eye and ear protection
NVG gear if available

Course Schedule 

Day-1 0830 start time

0830-0900       Welcome and course introduction (classroom)

0900-1300       PowerPoint presentation (classroom)

1300-1400       Lunch

1400-1630       Basic movement (shoothouse)

1630-1700       Debrief


0830-1030       Team stacking and mechanical breaching (shoothouse)

1030-1230       Deliberate assault planning (shoothouse)

1230-1330       Lunch

1330-1630       Cont. Assault planning (shoothouse)

1630-1700       Debrief and cleanup


0830-1230       Full mission profile scenario-based training (shoothouse)

1230-1330       Lunch

1330-1600       Full mission profile scenario-based training (shoothouse)

1600-1630       Cleanup

1630-1700       Closing

Note: Schedule is subject to change depending on the progression of the students and training needs as the instructors see fit.